My Current Situation

If pain and suffering are apart of the process then slit my wrists and sew my eyes closed.

Because I am feeling suicidal and I can’t stand to see me like this

I wish, I just wish the rain would stop spitting tears on my window

because its bad enough I gotta spit em’ on my pillow. I feel like a weeping willow

but generations from now I won’t be here to weep about my sorrows or anticipate any tomorrows

So I asked someone can I borrow their smiles and purchase their happiness to rid my mind from this madness

Within the depths of my soul, like the road I’m walking on never got finished because the city went over budget

Like my words are the ones on the page with the smudges and I am the one that holds everlasting grudges

That I don’t want to acknowledge,

Like the fact that I dropped out of college, as if I wasn’t academically gifted enough to make it through

Shoot! Or I wasn’t physically motivated enough to hoop and get a basketball scholarship

Lately it’s been feeling like a hardship and my starship is sinking and my glow suddenly disappears

The further I get below the oceans of my fears I’m subdued by something I shouldn’t have abused

-Roni Marsalis (RoniFeathers/NefelibataRoni)


Pitch Black

I come from nothing.

I come from the pits of a black whole.

Where lies of my character linger with grimace, where discouraging atoms latch onto my future existence, where hearts melt and turn stone, where smiles bask in the smell of cowardice, and love cries for vitriol.

Pitch BLACK is where I come from & Pure Light is where I aspire to live!

-Roni Marsalis (NefelibataRoni/RoniFeathers)

Full Circle……..

You know what I find the most interesting about life…..

The notion that it goes “full circle”

Although, man questions many things about this “mystical” world, there is NO way to emit this “Full Circle” idea.
I have sat idle minded reading my own writings that are intended to inspire those reading them and I find myself inspiring my own heart, which then influences me to believe that maybe I am not who I “think” or “believe” I am…..

Something must have temporarily possessed my temple to deliver a message that I too would need to read one day, but that is beside the point I am trying to convey here.

Whenever you speak, your words are manifesting your life, you may think you are helping someone else, but those words you speak are the ULTIMATE BOOMERANG! You are helping yourself, so keep your circle POSITIVE!

-Roni Marsalis (NefelibataRoni/RoniFeathers)

Heal the world…

I heard a gospel song by Kirk Franklin and the choir sang “tonight I will cry for the world, we all have pain” I felt those words with every bit of energy in me. So, Tonight I will cry for the world, I will pray for anyone who needs a burst of hope, I will give a piece of me to all and in return I want nothing but unconditional love to befall upon this entire world. Love you all and I want nothing but the best for you! Yes YOU, you reading this very post!

-Roni Marsalis (NefelibataRoni/RoniFeathers)

A Mind Full of Wonder

A mind full of wonder….I wonder what ultimately happens to a mind full of wonder?

Does wondering ever come to an end? Does wonder get exhausted with all of its wondering?

Does the mind wonder if it can ever lose wonder? Does the mind even wonder where wonder came from?

Or does the mind wander while wonder is on vacation?

-Roni Marsalis (NefelibataRoni/RoniFeathers)

Student of Life…..

Now a person who is highly educated doesn’t “know it all”

So whenever you are in the presence of  an educated individual don’t feel intimidated, by all means have a keen sense for learning.

The best part of being a Student which in fact, everyone will always be until God knows when, is that there is always something to learn.

Never feel inferior to someone who uses their intelligence to be little your level of intelligence, nor a person who has something to prove and wants to call you out on what you “should know” about a topic that you’re still learning about.

Continue to be a student! Continue to learn! Continue to question! Continue to love and pay them NO MIND because it is obvious they “think they have all of the answers”

-Roni Marsalis (NefelibataRoni/RoniFeathers)