Dreams do come true……………

trust in yourself, trust in your gift, trust in GOD, trust in the universe…………

life only gets better from here…….

-Roni Marsalis (NefelibataRoni/RoniFeathers)



I may be happy

I may be sad

I mad be tall

I may be short

I may be small

I may be worried

I may be stressed

I may be right

I may be wrong

I may be hurt

I may be strong

but in May, I just may sing the world my song……

-Roni Marsalis (NefelibataRoni/RoniFeathers)

Bad Intentions…….

We all know what is good for us is not always “good” for us and you know what I mean.

So your intentions may not be to get the “genuine good qualities” you deserve. Some situations we get involved with are only to experience the THRILL…we all have a weakness for passionate risk taking thrills, at least I know I do. The feelings of being “bad” occasionally actually keeps us alive and makes us better inevitably.

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with being “BAD” for all of the RIGHT reasons sometimes that one “bad situation” shows our true nature of LOVE, DESIRE, STRENGTH, and BLISS. I’ll give you an example of what I mean…….

A young man is highly interested a mystical young woman and likes everything about her, but he is afraid she may be “the devil” in disguise (a heartbreaker) although, she may be just that he still wants to give her a try. He believes that no matter what happens he would be more disappointed in himself if he doesn’t at least have an experience with her no matter how “bad” she may be for him. Who knows she could possibly be the type of “Bad” he has been looking for all along.

Well thats my story……

-Roni Marsalis (NefelibataRoni/RoniFeathers)

the GIFT


She may appear to you as a normal child with siblings, parents, dreams, hopes, aspirations, and many other minute things….but I am very sensitive to the fact that she will be the next one in line to lead a generation of lost souls. I was already given the preview of her future another angel in disguise. I am in love with you baby girl, if only I could be near you at this moment. Been away for awhile now and it has yet to hit me that you are no longer a block away from me a lot has changed since I’ve been away……I’ll see you soon