Y’all don’t hear me tho….


Green & Purple

Heart & Royalty

Love & Loyalty


FUCKING Profanity

What the FUCK!           are you FUCKING doing?                       over there?

Who the FUCK!            are you FUCKING talking to?                  like that?

Why the FUCK!            are you FUCKING talking?                      right FUCKING now?

When the FUCK!          did you FUCKING do that?                     to your FUCKING hair?

Where the FUCK!         are you FUCKING going?                       tonight?

How the FUCK!             did you FUCKING get here?                   A FUCKING SPACE SHUTTLE.

What a great FUCKING paragraph! 


-Roni Marsalis (NefelibataRoni/RoniFeathers)

Branch Brook Park

I just read an interview I had a while back in Branch Brook Park out in New Jersey with my friend Rae’Ann. What astonishes me about the interview is the fact that a lot has changed since then and for the better of course.

As I read the interview I started to question my own magnificence…I started to doubt that I was answering those questions, I started to judge myself harshly for the gifts God/The Creator has blessed me with and I find it hard to believe sometimes that I am who I am….

Now looking from a writers standpoint, which is where I am now as I type….the judgments and criticism that I was saying about myself sounded EXACTLY like the “dreamkillers” and “haters”

Now why would I dare treat myself like those individuals? I had to stop immediately!! I had to step back into my own magnificence, I had to take control of my mind, I had to become a mental alchemist……

-Roni Marsalis (NefelibataRoni/RoniFeathers)

Stars don’t ask to SHINE


whomever created me is responsible for such a creation.

A creation so radiant that dark holes marvel at its brightly stained scars

See stars don’t ask to shine they were simply made that way…..

Simply because once they are done serving their purpose in the universe

they are no longer needed……


I won’t be here long anyway……at least in this body….

and maybe, just maybe, you’ll have the privilege of knowing me in the next lifetime.

signed……..a STAR

-Roni Marsalis (NefelibataRoni/RoniFeathers)

Born Beautiful…..

Today has really gotten serious…….I went and printed out new covers for my prolonged project Born Beautiful

I feel great….I feel accomplished……I feel awesome….because I am! God Bless you ALL!!

Pursue your dreams and never give up!

-Roni Marsalis (NefelibataRoni/RoniFeathers)

Born Beuatiful New Cover

It has to be dark……


Haven’t wrote in a while, but I was influenced by my spirit to write a new post.

I have been analyzing myself a lot lately one thing I have had to acknowledge was my style of music, although I am very versatile and love a variety of musical styles, my distinctive style of music, when people identify with me, would and will most definitely be a dark sound. I create even my most brightest and spiritual songs in a dark environment, but as far as my sound it has to be dark. Everything has to be dark, I had a visit with a psychic that told me to stay away from darkness and as much as I enjoy colors my soul resides in a pit where light has a veil.

There was a point when I tried to focus on the colorful aspects of life and not knowing that I had unconsciously created a barrier between me and my true emotions I became desensitized to the painful things that brought me joy and a sense of purpose. I genuinely love telling others about having high hopes and positive aspirations, but in order for me to feel confident in my light-bearing advice I have to understand my own anguish, my own despair, and I have to truly appreciate and share that portion of myself as well. It is unfair for me to know and experience an immense amount of pain and not give it any of my attention……the darkest of stories are those that most relate too, there are some people who are still trapped in the darkness, there are those who believe that the darkness is a monster, there are those who believe that the darkness is the only way to live.

Being that I am gifted in the area of bringing light to that darkness I must show and tell these stories. I am obligated to sharing my pain and how I’ve used my pain to fuel my light and to blaze a trail for those who are seeking something greater, seeking purpose, seeking answers, seeking their true nature, seeking understanding. I am not GOD, I am not the creator of this universe or the many other speculated galaxy’s and universes, but I am a creator of the world I chose to live and believe in…..I am here to give you my DARKNESS

So if you want to be more comfortable in your environment……..IT HAS TO BE DARK!

-Roni Marsalis (NefelibataRoni/RoniFeathers)