Whats CRAZY…..

As, I sit here back against the wall, laptop on my lap, listening to Janelle Monae’s The Audition “Star”, and reading about J Cole’s Dream Poster event in L.A. I imagine myself negotiating with him about giving me a chance to work with dreamville…..I feel that it is real. I feel it happening soon, but the closer I get to its manifestation the more my mind tries to convince me that I am further away regardless of how close or how far, I am growing and I believe in myself immensely thrown into the challenge I believe that I will come out on top…a winner….the greatest…..powerful.

Looking at how far I have came and how many questions I have had to ask myself in order to move forward with my life I have had to endure a mighty deal of self-shock….sensitivity…..pain…..and most importantly self love! Without the love of self I wouldn’t have had the courage to question myself on the things that I was doing to hinder my own growth…..I understand now that my approach with most things, in some cases I went into situations not acknowledging my own worth. I was so insecure with what GOD has given and approved of me I would operate in a docile and unsure manner…..but what is crazy about the place I believe I am in now is that this place is surrounded by TRUTH…..so it is the safest place to be regardless of what goes on around this place, I am secure in its belly………I never understood that most of my suffering was due to not trusting the shelter truth provided me I had been seeking shelter everywhere but this place called TRUTH. I had convinced myself writing was no longer solving my problems, writing was no longer necessary, writing was a waste of time, I didn’t have time to write, I was contributing to everything but TRUTH….the TRUTH I relive EVERY single time I write out these wondrous thoughts of mine….thoughts given to me by the Most High……

I want to take this CRAZY time of mine to acknowledge the importance of trusting TRUTH and its safe haven….because of TRUTH I have been able to always manage my sanity HAHAHA……

Nahhh but living in truth is granting the support of the universe and the Most High…..


-Roni Marsalis (NefelibataRoni/RoniFeathers)