A verb

A word

Used all to often

I’d prefer, to just be

Passion Purpose Perseverance

-Ronisha Harris 


Aim High

Move mountain, move

The world needs room to vibe with my groove

Move mountain, move

The woman needs room to vibe with her groove

Move mountain, move

Confusion isn’t welcomed here

-Ronisha Harris

National Poetry Month


Poetry in my veins

Poetry leave me stained

With your effervescent​  ways.

I was enslaved by a master, whose laughter

I could not feel, whose pain I could not heal

Who wanted to see me killed, I’ll will is what they hoped for 

Another verse I broke this curse for.

I write this poem for the motions….

I’m sick and still coasting 

Floating into my butterfly

Will I travel beyond the sky?

Will I cry until I’m numb in the eye?

Will this poem reach it to a higher level?

And brighter skies as I try….Try…..

To keep the poet in me alive
-Ronisha Harris Professionally known as Roni Marsalis 


She’s insane…

Four children, new man and he has no money

Section 8, dark skin…

She thinks her melanin is a curse, she thinks no one loves her

Happiness is not hers right now….

She watches crime filled television, they plot while she lives

Insanity shares the same pattern of Love…

An alchemist, she transforms it all into wings and flies into her destiny…

No longer afraid of her insanity

No longer restricted by time

No longer afraid to die

She’s insane…

She’s in love…