Roni M.



Can’t Cry….

Can’t cry if its my fault.

it was fun.

i enjoyed every moment of it.

Can’t cry now that i’m ill.

i was warned.

there were signs.

Can’t cry now that i know.

-Nefelibata Roni


Will She Ever Learn…?

to love herself….

I mean there she goes writing songs that motivate the souls of all those who listen.


yes, that is what happens to all of them.

Them that listens to the vibrations lingering from the art she expresses….

Beauty within itself…A story within a story…A Secret they love to keep…

Will She Ever Learn???

to love herself….

to forgive herself….

to help herself…..

to be herself…..

I mean she can cry if thats what it takes….

She can even dance until the noise subsides….

Beauty: Brains: Beauty: Beauty: Womb: Woman

The learning….She learns…She is a Woman….

-nefelibata roni

Health Care

I was ill

Immune System was down, an ambulance came my way multiple times

& stopped right in front of me.

You came

tapped into my database and suddenly I woke up.

To a new type of breathing, speaking, living, loving, and forgiving.

I’m restored

singing the same song in a new way & I ain’t even have to pay.

Now thats what I call Health Care 🙂

-Nefelibata Roni

roni marsalis 2