Moving On….

“Yo Damien! You ready to see that douche of a chick Seven today in class? Her and Lavi told Marnie all about how you’ve been dodging her since you two last met in Capetown like 3 summers ago & she’s heard about Dina. Hahaha she said she’s probably not going to speak to you at all but she still likes you.”

“Aye man I’m not really pressed about it, I mean I love Dina we have history. We have a bond. A friendship. She’s my everything. So whatever Seven is thinking about my situation is not my problem, even though I have thrown some darts her way…the chick has hella flava she’s like freakin from another galaxy or some shxt, like if I ever wanted to be apart of some eclectic type shxt that’s who I’d do it with. Shawty has mad potential, she’s just missing a few screws. Dina hates her. Hahahaha”

Chapter Two “Class Is In Session”

All students must have last weeks analytical paper in rough draft format and the notes on the assigned reading from Paulo Cohelo “The Alchemist” oh and don’t forget to check into class via your App 

“Excuse me Marnie you know this has been my seat of choice since, well before you enrolled into this lecture now move” 

“Listen Seven don’t be such a bixch gosh I was joking but I’ll move if that makes you feel better about learning” 

“Yo Seven ya boy Damien is sitting behind you today, just a heads up…you might want to change seats”

“Funny you say that Mike, I am not changing my seat because some lying prick of a guy wants to sit behind me. Just like the past…behind me is such a great place to be, after all I don’t need anyone blocking my view! Now if you’ll be so kind and go to your seat…that would be fantabulous we both know your grade is at rock bottom, I would hate to be a contributor to any of your distractions Mike. Mwah”

Mike walks away….

“She is such a smart bixth”


Moving On

“Start Over” she yelled, starring at herself in the mirror, with eyes of a red hue and wet enough to fill a pool.

“Everything will be alright, it’s ok! You’ll get over it! START OVER ALREADY!” 

Chapter One “Roommate”

Seven, wake up! It’s time to go to class. Professor Jones said if we were late today we wouldn’t be able to sign in. He says no matter how good we think we are EVERYONE has to be on time and plus you and I agreed that we would start being on time this semester. Get Up!!!

Okay. Okay. I’ll get up Lavi, but please next time don’t freaking touch my arm! You know I just had surgery, gosh you’re always being clumsy. & Bring me my pink blouse, it’s on the top of the dryer.

By Design…

you know she was designed to do this

soo eloquent with it

soo elegant with it

a lady, a hoodrat, ghetto, a boss

label her a genius 

label her misunderstood

but no matter what she was designed to do things this way



I mean she loved a man, stalked a man, been overly aggressive, and too open with a man 
a man who belongs at home with another woman

she sleeps alone at night, no phone calls, no text, no sex, just stress and loneliness 

Headaches migranes and men who want her too much, but she’s just not interested.

she wants the man that she can’t have because he belongs to another woman

So until she’s had enough there’s nothing you can tell her.

I think she’s had enough….

this skin I’m in

this skin I’m in turns bronze in the summer

this skin I’m in turns caramel in the winter

I would love for you to understand why, but see my myself, even I will never know….

why this skin I’m in makes many men and even women admire my glow