Be happy for people even if their happiness doesn’t include you.


First rule of emotional freedom




Yesterday was my last performance of the month. A magical experience it was, I truly enjoyed sharing vibes with so many amazing people. My only hope was for everyone present that evening to leave feeling inspired, beautiful, and worthy of something bigger than what is being promoted in this land of confusion.

I will never forget how it felt to hit the stage again and sing to the higher consciousness of gods children, imperfect we are, but god loves us all unconditionally.

One Love to everyone who came out last night. Forever thankful for sharing myself once again. It’s been a longtime since I’ve felt myself and felt worthy. I’ve learned now to simplify life, things aren’t as complicated as they may seem, and being honest with yourself is the most important part of evolving.

So to all the men out here in need of help:

Quote of the week

“One womans trash is another womans treasure”

To all my ladies:

“One mans trash is another mans treasure”

Find something you love, learn to be a better person and love god. It gets better with time. Sometimes a break is all you need to restore and regain your identity in the kingdom of god.

Gotta go through the wrong things sometimes to get to the right and find true love ❤️

Don’t give up!

Do I feel Born Beautiful? Do I really want to Fly?

So I told y’all yesterday….

I would tell you if I felt Born Beautiful and if I really wanted to Fly…..

Might sound crazy, but naturally the answers have came and went….I’ve cried today….I’ve worked….I’ve danced….I’ve prayed…..I’ve listened to music and eventually worked out.

I’ve decided for the sake of my soul, in the holy name of love, and exercising my right of being human. DAMMIT I AM FLYING AS HIGH AS I POSSIBLY CAN & BEING BEAUTIFUL IS NOT JUST A FEELING….it’s a Lifestyle, a way of life, a call to purpose.

So to answer what was left unanswered. Yes. I am certain.

The Good

When I think about my upbringing, sometimes it’s easy to focus on the “bad” “negative” and it’s easy to point fingers and blame others. Sometimes we can get so caught up in the negative that we miss out on valuable moments and look towards our future to make more moments like the good ones in our past.

Born and raised in KCMO by a single mom, my step father, grandparents, and 44% with my biological dad.

My mom was a 5’0 slim light skinned phlebotomist, beautician, and years later turned tax examiner. My step dad was a community activist, photographer, and business consultant. My grandparents veterans. My biological dad a promoter, construction worker, and event planner.

Nevertheless, we’ve had our fair share of ups, downs, and fallouts but one thing is for certain the good things that I learned and experienced will remain in my heart.

I learned what love really meant….

I learned that love is scary, love is affectionate, and love provides an opportunity to surrender and accept life for what it is.

Make the best of yours.

That’s allyou can do anyway….

See the future. You can and will live longer than statistics. You’ve made it this far.

Did I really feel Born Beautiful? Did I really want to Fly High?

19 years young I felt it.

Lived it. Believed it.

23 years young I’m becoming it.

Hmmmm I was sitting in school the other day in the computer lab listening to a few songs the creator felt I was special enough to write “Born Beautiful” & “If I Could Fly” and it dawned on me…..

Purity was present, pressure was heavy, my spirit was open, but my mind was a safe haven. Political matters, racial matters, and even relationship matters didn’t bother me. Stillness came from obeying my intuition and not ignoring it. Seeds of faith, hope, and Godfidence inhabited my being. I was unashamed of speaking up, I was unashamed of being imperfect, I was unashamed of me.

Let me tell you, after a few encounters with the law, being a persons doormat, being their punching bag, being unsure about stability, being immature, a few toxic relationships, being treated like scum, and simply making my share of mistakes I’m officially done with it all.

I’d rather be blind than to painfully watch the world turn into and stay the devils playground…I’d rather not speak than to watch another episode of “DUMBDOWN Patty”

America the beautiful again you have manipulated and turned us against ourselves. The purest of them all and you have tainted our view of what matters most…..

In the words of a devastated poet.

& to those who still remain curious there is opportunity in the chaos, freedom within the oppression, compassion behind the hate, and redemption at the end of the road.

& above all else there are matters that lie beneath the confusion. Being Human. Humans require Love, Compassion, Health, Hope, Honesty, and to be taught that they too, can love themselves while loving another.

Before I go, I must confess my ancestors may not be very happy with who I’ve tried to hide all this time, I must confess if given a second chance only thing I would change is not being afraid to be “special”

❤️ One Love ❤️

Do I fell Born Beautiful?

Do I really want to Fly High?

I’ll let you know tomorrow if certainty, has overtaken my mind. 💃🏽

Yeah She Said That

Brand New Season,

Brand New Reason to love.

Once a broken girl misused….

Once a broken girl ashamed…

Once a broken girl misled….

Now she’s restored and wanting more.

More from life, more from herself

She’s the girl who they chose to help.

They as in heavens lovely angels….