secrets from my past life…..

my past, past, past, past life

I was probably a tree before any of this new aged bourbon

I was probably a goddess before any of this new aged vodka

I was probably the daughter of a king and queen who told the world they parted ways and really escaped to live in a sacred land just to train me

I was probably a hooker who sold dreams of getting the box then be-heading my prospects for disrespecting my children’s doorway into a new heaven

I was probably a journalist trying to release a map to find the holy grail, which lead Everyman and Woman back into the womb of Mother Earth

I was probably hitlers long lost cousin whom wrote him letters telling him about how much of a hero/idiot he was for what he’d done to himself

I was probably Christopher Columbus’s auntie who forgot I told him anything is possible.

I was probably the master behind the DaVinci Code

I was probably the second wife of a shoe shiner

I was probably the niece of Mona Lisa and Homer Winslow

I was probably Thomas Paine’s news paper runner

I was probably the mother of 6 and secretary for “The Spook Who Sat By The Door”

I was probably the magic basketball that made MJ who became

I was probably the last blunt that ended Amy’s career

I was probably the sister of Aaliyah and friend of Donny Hathaway

but in this life…..

I’m probably the ego of dawn

The peace of autumn

The heat of summer

The mist of spring

The movement of culture

The sounds of rain

The vision of life

The lyrics of resilience

The learning of love

The wings of forgiveness

The fireplace on a cold winter night

The mistakes of my father

The resentment of my mother

The hope for my children

The prayers of my grandparents

The purpose of passion

The dramatic-irony of meant to be

The meaning of balance

Or just a woman chasing pavements

Fighting for freedom

Running in circles

Scraping for diamonds

Inhaling the fumes of fog

following the invisible

and forgetting who she is everyday

only to remember she was trained to be brave.

Rise In Power

Rise in Prayer

Rise in Peace

Rise in Passion

Rise in Person

Rise in Presence

Rise in Purpose

exclusively yours,

The Past You

The Present You

The Powerful You

The Future You

Forever our exposed secret….




Until you feel me as your equal

We’ll never see the sequel

Until you hear me as your better half

We’ll never reach the path


I’m ill.

The thought that there is nothing left to learn…

The thought that when you do, they trip and the tables will turn…

From queen to slave

From hopeless to brave

From tired and lonely

To in love and holy

Caught in a Webb of lies and confusion

The top of the food chain, to poverty and pollution

Karma are you a friend of mine?

Karma do you love me?

Karma do you forgive me?

Karma will you come hold me?

Karma you know me better than I know myself…

Did you write this story?

Karma am I ashamed of all the fame and glory?


I’m not famous

I’m a normal girl

Karma will you tell me why the black woman cries?

The one with the hair that coils and grows up into the skies…

Karma will you save me?

Will you teach me how to love again?

Karma will you listen?

I just really need a friend?

When I think that it is over

Is it really time to begin?

Karma will I learn from my past mistakes?

Karma will I speak or crumble and shake?

Karma I’ve been disobedient

I just want to relax….

Is it me or is the end near and god is sending a confirmation fax…

Karma will I be like Peter and not believe

Karma have I wasted time and left my peers displeased?

Karma why so much pressure? Why do you make me choose?

Karma where is peace?

Karma why does smoking put the mind at ease?

Why did you tell me to speak directly to Ali?

Why did I go deep and bite from the forbidden tree?

Karma one more question…

Where are the tools you hid from all the fools?

dear granny

I remember your love

I remember your hugs and kisses

I remember our trips out of town

I remember taking care of you

I remember when you got sick

I remember when you told me your favorite bible scripture was Psalms 23

Now this happened after I told you I’d been reading it.

what was god telling me?

what is my ancestry?

I wonder if you ever thought about

such a beautiful question?

Did you seek answers?

Did you believe?


Hanging with “my famous friend”

I wanted you, not the fame

I wanted love, not the hate

I wanted freedom, not the mistakes

I wanted to be heard, not to be a role model

I wanted to find myself, not the pain

I wanted fortune, not researching the responsibility

I was miseducated, I settled

I seen my wings, I cut them off

I heard my voice, I shut up

I wrote the poems, I didn’t value them

I was distracted, I didn’t stay focused

I was hurt, I lost trust

I only write what I feel

That was my common sense

They told me to change

I wanted to learn

I wanted to dream

They told me to face reality

I wanted to be myself

They told me I was too much

I wanted to heal

They told me that was the wrong path

I wanted privacy

They broke into my home

I wanted equality

They wanted control

I thought I was right

They told me I was wrong

If we as a society want to succeed

I don’t believe in turn the other cheek

Say how you feel, that’s what keeps you real…..


Second best was never her.

She was first, creating life

with life….

All she knew was him,

losing her just to be his muse

what did she learn?

how can she be her best?

how can she improve?

off track she went…

Chasing waterfalls,

Only to find mountains…

Curious to find her own way

Seeking god so much

She forgot all she had to do was listen to god.

A regular they called her…

American so they scolded her….

They spied on her

They lied on her

They even envied her for what she discovered

She found stillness

She found true love

She found a fantasy

She found a moment of clarity

A hard rock she was…

A beautiful gem she dreamed to be

Inspire her

Don’t compete with her

Treat her

Don’t punish her

Be patient with her

Don’t rush her

Here kitty, kitty

Purr Kitty, Kitty

He’ll talk

He’ll walk

But if he loves you

You won’t have to second guess

Your first mind told you this love was yours

Your first mind told you this love will stay yours

Beautiful woman

Silent woman

Vocal woman

Brave woman

Brilliant woman

Confident woman

Loving woman

Caring woman

Honest woman

Be who you are….