Before Bed.


It’s you.

Why does this energy keep coming back to me?

Will I ever be free?

The lonely parts of me depend on you.

The bitter parts of me resent you.

The immature parts of me are nervous in front of you.

The strong parts of me are vulnerable for you.

Why you again?

Why me again?

I’m stubborn. I’m sensitive.

I won’t move.

Although I need your love.

I breathe your love.


It’s you.

This energy keeps coming back to me…

Maybe I am free.

sun break….

Broken Nail…

Broken HEART…

Feeling lonely & Torn apart.

I mean I’m alone, not lonely

I’m finding my balance.

No regrets and ditching salads

My opinion of me is always valid.

They want me to fail

They want me to win

But I asked myself what did I want

& the answer was deep within

A place I call home, a place I feel free,

A place where I’m open

A place for you and me.

In this place I find a challenge

In this place I find my fears

In this place I shut my eyez

Shut my mouth and enjoy the rise

In this place all eyes are on us

But we don’t care.

In us we trust.

Girls Night Out

Last night I went out to blow off some steam, my family came to visit and I bit this bullet of mental slavery and just went out.

I’ve kind of put myself in this bubble that says “No fun, School, Work, Religion, Family, & Maybe a boyfriend”

Like where is my identity in this? Where does this mindset make any sense? It doesn’t, & yeah I’ve made my fair share of mistakes when out and having “fun” but you’re 23 Ronisha. You still have a lot to look forward too.

Yes you’ve fell off and that’s alright, dust it off and see the best.

Yes, “Kanye West- All Falls Down” is still the theme song for any black woman in college right now because of the “security” or “safety net” it provides.

It’s taken so much to reprogram my thoughts and be reborn again. To trust in my womanly assets and

I mean the woman who does her own hair and make-up

The woman who repeats outfits

The woman who can still fit her jeans and tops from 7th grade lol

The hustling woman…..

The courageous woman…..

The god fearing woman…..

So thanks to my baby cousin Kelsey and my auntie Kim I went out & you know what I had the time of my life