she kept it

its loud in here

i can’t rest…..

its dark in here

i can’t cry……

he didn’t call

i won’t die….

its happy in here

she kept her peace….

she’s not his week or his weekend

she kept her power….

a dream differed, a dream lost, a dream tossed,  a dream buried

she pressed restart and confessed it all in her art

no regrets. nope, she isn’t upset.

she kept her power…..


Life before you…

Life before you I had friends and made them

Life before you I had enemies and made more

Life before you I had ambition

Life before you I had hope

Life before you I was just fine

Life before you I loved myself

Life before you I had hustle

Life before you I had strength

Life before you I was faithful

Life before you I could move with no issues

Life before you I used less tissue

Life before you I cared

Life before you I enjoyed every moment

Life after you all I wanted was that feeling I had inside before you ever invaded my mind…..

If you have no intentions to make my life better, don’t tear it apart and leave me with the pieces to put it back together.

Psalms 23

Giving out refunds

Since I lost funds tryna have fun

Like wait….

Give me more sun

Blowing mo ones

Just touched down first base

He wanna blow one like top gun

I’m coming to yo place

I gotta see yo face

I gotta face this mase

Said it might burn,

But I gotta learn yo ways

From the east coast to the west coast you ace

Said I been black no light skin

Just hued

& I apologize for the love lost

I misused….

a lot of thangs that I was given

for the ride

Still a poet deep down inside

& I come alive in the night time

& I will arrive when it’s my time

& we will shine in no time no lies

Take a look into my eyes

& lets fly into the land of the lovers

I mean you can call it what you want

I just call it pure…

Take another hit baby boy if you’re unsure

Said I’ve….

Been unsure

a little confused

Said I’ve

been impure

A little abused yeah

But it’s the thought of loving you that takes me higher

& it’s the thought of losing you my one provider

& if I could be wiser

I’d choose to love you

& if I could be wiser

I’d choose to trust you

I can’t escape this escapade

I can’t escape the love we made

I’m so afraid to be this brave

Protect my soul dear lord I pray….

Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray the lord my soul to keep

If I should die before I wake

I pray the lord my soul to take