Nights like this I cry, scream, shout, and throw things thinking….

It should have been, could have been, and would have been you!

Nights like this I need quiet time…

Time to rest my restless thoughts

Time to remember who I was before this

Time to cry about my broken heart

Time to surrender to my destiny

Time to say maybe I was right the entire time about you.

Maybe I was right….

Maybe you do love me

Maybe you do care

Maybe you do miss me

Maybe I’ll be alright with you

Maybe I can trust you

Maybe you are my dream

Maybe you I am yours

Maybe you were made just for me

Maybe you are meant to be the best part of me

Maybe there is happiness on the other side of this denial

Then again…

Nights like this gravity pulls my attention towards you…

You didn’t even bother to get the gift I bought for you…

You didn’t bother to check on me and ask if I was alright…

You didn’t even get me the puppy I asked for

You didn’t even call me

Well I’m used to it by now…

You only show up when its convenient for you…

Nights like this thoughts of you drive me insane…

Nights like this I just wanna be alone…


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