13 Reasons Why….

There were 13 reasons she committed suicide….

Then there were 13 reasons she decided to love herself….

1. The divine woke her up

2. He told her he’ll see her again

3. He chose her in a world that denied her

4. Her calling, never stopped calling her

5. Her smile remained the same

6. Her heart deserved a chance to feel happy again

7. Color gave her a reason to imagine

8. Dancing was her friend

9. He told her he believed in her

10. Beauty never left her side

11. Hope kissed her every morning

12. Love took control of her sub-conscious

13. The divine woke her up


Natural High

It hasn’t been easy loving me…

It hasn’t been easy finding me…

It hasn’t been easy keeping me…

It hasn’t been easy being me…

but, when I returned to my natural high

I began loving me easily

I began finding me easily

I began keeping me easily

I began being me easily