Stranger Danger

You were taught never talk to strangers

Never be too friendly

Until one day you meet a stranger

While you are in danger…

The irony, things we are taught to not do somehow become the very thing we need to do…. in order to fulfill love, to be love, to create love, to radiate love, and sometimes to appreciate what love truly has to offerStranger Danger saved my life…Stranger Danger changed my life…


He found Me

He had me at Hello

He found me at Goodbye

Soft and Gentle were his arms as I cried.

He wiped my tears, caressed my back and led me to a place of peace

Calm and steady

I was naked…

Naked stripped down to my soul, my purpose

I couldn’t run from his poetry

I couldn’t run from his beauty

I couldn’t run…

So I surrendered to his calling

The moment I said goodbye to what was holding me back

He found me…



A thank you will never be enough for someone who is unhappy

A smile will never be enough for someone who avoids laughing

Enough is enough

Do not yell.

Do not insult.

Do not belittle.

Verbal abuse is never okay, verbal abuse is not justifiable.

Financial abuse is not justifiable.

Abuse period is not justifiable.