Hello ALL,

Although, we have different identities I am apart of you………but here are a few of my personal identities listed below……ENJOY!

Roni Marsalis (HipHopAngel) (Poet) (Legend) (Writer)

RoniFeathers (LadyofFreedom) (Ma’at)

NefelibataRoni (Cloudwalker) (CuriousMind) (Wanderer)

Ra-Rah (GoddessoftheSUN)(Rah)

Ron-Ron (Thugg) (2PacTupac) (RON-PAC)

RaNini (Suker4Friends)

Bubblez (UncleWille’s Niece) (EyezoftheFuture)

Ro-han (YoungGohan)

Please feel free to call me whichever name (listed above) is most comfortable for you. Also, I am thankful that you have decided to stop by and read my thoughts, so before I continue to tell you about myself in both flesh and spirit, I would like for you to give yourself a hug, a smile, and a deep breath.

A Hug so you can feel how great it is to be wrapped up in your arms!

A Smile for clarity that you’re on the right path!

A Deep Breath so you’ll be connected to the ALL that connects us.

Thanks 🙂

Now, where do I start?? How about my conception date….LOL I’m joking. (Hope you laughed) well I’ll start by letting you know as I type, I am smiling because I have a passion for writing and I love sharing my thoughts with people. I find it harder to be in front of crowds sometimes for the simple fact that my ego has a tendency to be prideful and humiliation is not my forte. So for comfortability purposes writing in complete solitude best fits my life right now. Furthermore, I can be extremely insecure about my talents so the best way to avoid any judgement is by writing and not vocally expressing myself, which contradicts the fact that outside of being a phenomenal writer I am a brilliant performer. So, I believe this is where I expound on my “spiritual self” it is because of this entity I am able to perform amongst a crowd even in the most frightening situations. My spirit has driven me many places, it follows the guidance of the ALL/the MostHigh. Shout out to the MOST HIGH! Shooot because let me tell you I am great at hiding, I may have slightly mastered this thing…..I almost believe that my ability to hide is the reason I am so fascinated with turtles. Anywhoot….I think you get the gist of who I claim to be or who I might be….IDK who cares anyway right??

So about my “personal life” I have two wonderful parents who made love one morning when the sun was rising and birds where chirping, GODDESS Edith Marsalis and GOD Robert Harris. They named me Ronisha Renae Harris, born in Kansas City, Missouri at Truman Medical Center weighing 5lbs and 5ounces. Born prematurely I was sent off into intensive care, but I wasn’t alone my Granny Collins came to visit me and told my mom “That baby is in there smiling” and since then I believe it was destiny and fate that I’d be a shining star.

Wait!! There is more, I have been blessed with some amazing siblings O’Shonda & Osanna and I love them so much!! I have more siblings on my fathers behalf (LOL) & I love them just as much even though I didn’t have the privilege of growing up with them Rashai, Ronetta, Robert, Ramont, & Robert lll.

I am the oldest of them ALL, numero uno, number one….the Beginning……

Well that is all folks (I’m crying)……You’ll discover more about me soon.

Below “ThoseThoughfulThings” go through them and read…..its FREE! *kisses

Keep reading, its enriching to the mind!

Peace. Love. Simplicity. Laughter. POWERTOMYPEOPLE 🙂


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